TIME 100: Scientists & Thinkers -- March 29, 1999
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Scientists and Thinkers
People who overthrew our inherited ideas about logic, language, learning, mathematics, economics and even space and time

See special photo presentations on Einstein, Carson, Hubble, the Wrights, and Watson & Crick

Reflecting on Our Times
The Century
It was the age of splitting the atom and conquering disease, of probing our own psyche and the nature of the galaxies. It gave us the transistor and the silicon chip, plastics and artificial organs, television, satellites, computers and ato m bombs. See how these scientists and thinkers made the last 100 years a teeming garden of discovery.

The Future
Discovery proceeds apace

Cranks, Villains and Unsung Heroes
Wunderkinds and wackos

The IQ Meritocracy
Our test-obsessed society

A Century of Science Fiction
Bruce Sterling on his marvelous genre

Online Discussion
Read the transcripts of our recent chats with James Watson and Richard Leakey.

Test Your Knowledge
See how much you know about the century's scientific advances
The TIME 100 Choosing the most important people of the 20th century