Your Turn

Time For Kids is...

...a Magazine

It's a big world, especially to kids, and Time For Kids -- from the creators of TIME magazine -- brings the latest news of the world to you (so you don't have to circle the globe looking for it yourself!).

Time For Kids delivers three editions during the school year: The World Report edition is an eight-page magazine, and most of its readers are in grades 4-6. The four-page News Scoop edition is for younger readers, and the four-page Big Picture edition is especially for kindergarten and 1st graders who are learning to read. The World Report and News Scoop are weekly magazines that cover news and articles about interesting people, places, and kids just like you. The Big Picture comes out every two weeks in two editions -- one focuses on news events, while the other explores big topics like transportation, animals, and seasons.

You can't find any of these magazines on newsstands - your teacher can order them for your class or your parents can order them and have them mailed to you at home. Look for exciting special issues throughout the year, as well as posters, maps, mini-magazines and more!

...a Website

Timeforkids.com (http://www.timeforkids.com; AOL Keyword: TFK), the online version of Time for Kids magazine, is the news, information and exploration destination for kids on the Internet. That means you! The site lets you create, learn, get involved, explore, play, guess right, guess wrong, exercise your clicking finger, and generally become a news know-it-all!

This is your website, so use timeforkids.com in class, out of class, for all seasons and all reasons - whenever you've got the need to know!

Here's a handy channel guide:

NEWS - This is where you'll find all kinds of top news on a daily basis, as well as our exclusive TFK News Challenge. Did you print out your stampbook yet?

TOOLBOX - No hammers here, but we bet you can't fit dictionaries, encyclopedias, world maps, cool calculators, web searches, and archives into YOUR home toolbox!

YOUR TURN - Here's where we turn the site over to you! Tell us what you think, design a click card, make your own mags, and voice your choice in the Poll Zone!

EXPLORE - Try on a new country, meet someone new, and try our Mystery Match here. It's like the world on a plate!

MAGAZINES - Not only your favorite TFK magazines online, but Time for Kids En Espaņol and Big Picture sound bites too!

GAMES - We've pumped up the adventure in our interactive games, but don't leave your head behind - you're going to need it!

If you're a teacher or parent, we've got special channels for you too with lots of information and stuff to make your jobs easier!

To make sure our magazines and website are on the right track, we ask our very own Time For Kids advisors (kids, parents and teachers just like you) to tell us how we're doing. We want to hear what you think so be sure to send us your opinion.