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Tire inspection


August 10, 2000
Tire Warning
Manufacturer to replace millions of potentially dangerous tires

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One of the world's largest tire manufacturers is replacing 6.5 million tires it has already sold. Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. announced it would recall, or replace, the tires after a government agency received nearly 300 complaints of failures involving the tires. This is the second largest tire recall in the country's history. The government is investigating complaints of accidents caused by tires that came apart on moving vehicles, which may have killed as many as 46 people in the last three years.

The Recall
About 70 percent of the recalled tires are on Ford sports utility vehicles or pick up trucks such as the Ford Explorer. According to complaints, the tires would separate from their casings - or the part of the tires that come into contact with the road -- while the vehicles were traveling at high speeds. This would cause the vehicles to lose control and crash.

What's Being Replaced
Bridgestone/Firestone is offering to replace the recalled tires, with their own or another manufacturer's tires, for free. The company said all recalled tires would be replaced within 18 months. Since Bridgestone/Firestone announced the recall on August 9th, drivers concerned about safety have hurried to replace their tires. The recall will cost Bridgestone/Firestone about $350 million.

-By Dina Maasarani

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