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Democrats Take on Los Angeles
Gore and Lieberman prepare to shine at the Democratic Convention

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Politicians will outnumber movie stars today in Los Angeles, California as 5,500 Democratic delegates attend the 2000 Democratic National Convention at the STAPLES Center. That's where, on Thursday, Democrats will officially nominate Al Gore as their pick for U.S. President, and Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman for Vice President.

While Gore campaigns in Missouri, today's convention focus will be on President Bill Clinton, who will address the crowd tonight. This may be the last major speech Clinton will give as President, and he is expected praise Gore as well as talk about the differences between the Democratic and Republican nominees.

Convention Highlights
The event will run from August 14 through 17 and will include speeches by Gore, Lieberman, and other party leaders. It will also feature "American Dialogues," a nightly segment spotlighting workers who discuss issues with well-known Democrats. Here are some other scheduled events: * On Tuesday, speakers will discuss issues like education, health care and retirement security. * On Wednesday, the Convention will focus on Al Gore as Lieberman addresses the convention. * On Thursday, Gore will make his acceptance speech.

Workers set the stage for the Democratic Convention to begin August 14

Bring Out the Welcome Mat?
This year's event is expected to bring in an estimated $135 million for the Los Angeles economy. Los Angeles locals, though, are concerned about upcoming protests, especially after seeing protests turn violent in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the Republican National Convention earlier this month. Los Angeles Police Department spokesman told CNN that at least 30,000 protestors are expected in the city, but 2,000 officers will work to keep things safe.

A Bird's Eye View
The convention will be televised nationally and on the Internet. TFK Democratic Convention reporter Alexandra Tatarsky will file daily reports for timeforkids.com. Check them out in the Convention Insider page of our Election Connection for her latest journal.

-By Laura C. Girardi

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