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World Report April 27, 2007

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Doctors Who Deliver


  1. Print the student quiz with the ten questions below.

  2. Customize this quiz by changing questions 9 and 10.

  3. Find the answer key to the quis in this week's Teachers' Guide. Look under the ANSWERS section on page 2.

  • Article:"A Checkup on Wheels"

    1. This story is mostly about

    1. the importance of getting routine checkups.
    2. how all kids need access to medical care.
    3. a typical visit to the doctor.
    4. how to stay healthy.
  • Article:"A Checkup on Wheels"

    2. Medicaid and SCHIP are government programs that

    1. provide health insurance to children living in poverty.
    2. convert vans and buses into medical offices.
    3. teach kids about staying healthy.
    4. provide health insurance for the wealthy.
  • Article:"A Checkup on Wheels"

    3. Health insurance is important because

    1. some people pay more than $900 a month to have it.
    2. more than one in five poor children is uninsured.
    3. it helps people pay for medical services.
    4. it brings medical vans to kids who need care.
  • Article:"A Checkup on Wheels"

    4. Which of the statements below is a fact?

    1. CHF vans visit schools, homeless shelters and other sites.
    2. Every doctor should work in a medical van.
    3. Health care is too costly.
    4. The government should pay for all kids' healthcare.
  • Article:"A Call to End Darfur's Violence"

    5. How many people in Darfur have been driven from their homes?

    1. 7,000
    2. 3,000
    3. 200,000
    4. 2.5 million
  • Article:"A Call to End Darfur's Violence"

    6. You can tell from reading the article that

    1. this is not the first call to end violence in Darfur.
    2. President Bush recently learned about the violence in Darfur.
    3. Darfur's problems will be fixed within the next month.
    4. Darfur is the only region plagued with violence at this time.
  • Article:"Top 5 Most Common Wildflowers"

    7. The most common wildflower in the U.S. is

    1. the sunflower.
    2. the wild geranium.
    3. the black-eyed Susan.
    4. the Turk's cap lily.
  • Article:"Hollywood's Smoke Alarm"

    8. Kids should not smoke, because

    1. cigarettes cause disease.
    2. cigarettes release carbon into the atmosphere.
    3. cigarettes are expensive.
    4. 36% of movies that are rated G or PG show tobacco use.
  • Article:"A Passion for Puzzles"

    9. Which word does not describe puzzlemaster Will Shortz?

    1. innovative
    2. clever
    3. typical
    4. creative
  • Article:"A Checkup on Wheels"

    10. Why is there a need for medical vans?