World Report: April 27, 2007 Vol. #12 Iss. #25

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Japan's Plan To the Moon!

Things are heating up in Japan's space race with China. This month, Japan's space agency, Jaxa, announced plans to launch Selene, the country's first lunar orbiter, this summer. Japan's $269 million moon probe has faced many delays over the past four years. Now, it is scheduled to launch in August, aboard an H-2A rocket.

"The mission will involve observation of the whole moon, not just parts of it," says JAXA's Satoki Kurokawa. The SELENE orbiter will combine data from a main satellite with data from two smaller satellites to study the moon's origin and evolution.

Japan also has its sights set on catching up with China, the current leader in Asia's space race. To move ahead of China, Japan may plan a lunar landing and manned missions to space.