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Monday Blues

Irrational exuberance redux?

THANKS to the current rally in stocks the world over, consumers here have begun to relax the grip on their purse strings and prices of the Certificates of Entitlement for cars have hit six-month highs. But are we beginning to display irrational exuberance all over again? Are the economic fundamentals so strong that the present upturn is so deserved? While...
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Coffee With

A cancer survivor

GUY Hoh has no job-related pregnancy worries. But at 35, the history and politics graduate worries just as much as the woman-in-the-street does about prejudice. He knows that not many employers now would want to hire a cancer survivor. “Once an employer hears about you having a serious illness like leukaemia, they are more wary of hiring you. Stress is...

Today in China

Kids in the cracks

FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD Li Xue has never attended a day of school. Instead, the second child of Beijing street peddlers spends her time helping her parents sell fritters in summer, and cookies and fruits in winter. Known in China as a “hei hu” (or “black resident”), Li Xue has no official papers — neither proof of residence nor...

Sports Matters

One star turn not enough after a stunning year

FOR much of last year, Singapore’s newly crowned Sportswoman of the Year Jasmine Yeong-Nathan’s exploits on the bowling lanes did little to indicate what was to come. She won two bronze medals in the singles and team event at the World Youth Championships and was part of the team of five that finished third at the Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships. But she...


The good, the bad, the boring

I HAD dinner with someone last night. And it was dreadful. It was two courses and half a litre of chianti classico, only lasted half an hour, but felt like enough time had gone by for God to create another universe and steal another two naps. The dude was pretty ghastly company. Insufferable, really. He was crabby, painfully boring and he kept making this...
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