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The Pacific.
Boy at arms
THE preppy guy in the powder blue sweater and brown corduroys walked into the Four Seasons Beverly Hills suite in Los Angeles and announced, with a small sigh, that this was his fifth...
Talk isn't cheap
  • The funniest woman in showbiz

  • One day Tina Fey was an actress in a little-seen television sitcom, worshipped by an ardent cult following but mainly ignored by mainstream audiences....
  • Polanski lawyers' final attempt

  • ROMAN Polanski's lawyers have filed a last legal volley in a California appeals court, saying that the 33-year-old sex case and its lengthy delays...
  • Death of the critic

  • TWO weeks ago I went to Atlanta to give a talk at a conference devoted, in part, to ''The Future Of Criticism''. The gist of my remarks was that there...
  • Jon sues Kate for 8

  • JON Gosselin has sued ex-wife Kate for primary custody of their eight children. The former reality TV star also asked the court on Wednesday to review...
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Suge Knight sues Kanye

Knight is claiming in a lawsuit that Kanye West and the Shore Club's owners failed to provide security necessary to keep out people with weapons. AFP
MUSIC promoter and producer Marion ''Suge'' Knight is set to sue Kanye West for more than US$1...


The funniest woman in showbiz

One day Tina Fey was an actress in a little-seen television sitcom, worshipped by an ardent cult...


Talk isn't cheap

Ashraf Safdar
WITH his intellectual-looking glasses, impeccable cuffs and good hair, Ashraf Safdar outwardly...
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Star Gazing
Star Awards 2010
Greetings and salutations, fellow stargazers! It’s fast approaching Star Awards time again! This year’s ceremony will be held in two...


  JACK Neo, as you know, is in trouble. He has admitted to one affair, which is dire enough, and now there are reports of at least another 10 women whom Jack may...
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ABOUT 25 years ago, Dee Dee Bridgewater paid homage to the sound and style of Billie Holiday with the acclaimed stage production Lady Sings The Blues. So we're not surprised she's come up with this collection of songs previously performed by Holiday, one of the most distinctive voices of the 20th Century. Thankfully, she conveys just the right amount of emotion - listen to her version of Strange Fruit or Mother's Son-In-Law - to keep you engaged. Her performance pulses with an energy that's simply astounding, making this a pleasurable listen from start to finish. 3/5

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