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Inclined to recline
THERE are few indulgences greater than a languid brunch under a tree. Kick back and let nature set the mood. Trade the confines of a well-starched tablecloth for a clean patch of grass, and...
Asian predilections
  • Mum’s the word

  • If you haven’t already made plans for a worthy Mother’s Day feast, check out these tantalizing offers. On May 9 and 10, mothers could get to eat for...
  • The spice of life

  • A decade ago, if you mentioned dining at a hotel, your parents probably would have thought: “Expensive”, “what’s the special occasion?”, or “unless...
  • Get a great kick out of this

  • ANNETTE TAN   I have always been partial to smaller sized asparagus, which tend to come from South-east Asia. I like that they are less woody and...
  • A humble feast

  • WHEN it comes to Filipino food, I’m as “Peranakan” as the next. Like Nyonya food, the cuisine of the Philippines shows off an...
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Makan Kaki
Stopping the clock
I looked up and the mid-afternoon sun seemed to cast an ethereal glow around the canopy of the old maple tree I was lying under. I shut my eyes and...