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  • Should cabbies be allowed to pick and choose where they want to go?
  • Of job offers and cabbies
    Updated 06:00 AM November 12, 2009
    I refer to "Can cabbies refuse customers?" (Nov 10) from Mr Eric Sng. Regardless of the authorities'...
  • Recalcitrant maids: Are maid agencies largely to blame too?
  • Who's responsible?
    Updated 06:00 AM November 4, 2009
    We had a maid once who ran away after working for us for less than two weeks. We managed to spot...
  • Smoking ban: How effective has it been in the heartlands?
  • Is the smoking ban really effective?
    Updated 06:00 AM October 19, 2009
    IT'S rather absurd to have cigarette smoke blowing in your face while eating at the hawker and cooked...
  • That PSLE Maths paper: Should parents really be complaining?
  • Divided views on test papers
    Updated 06:00 AM October 13, 2009
    I REFER to the report "A calculated adjustment?" by Teo Xuanwei (Weekend Today, Oct 10-11). This...
  • Dhoby Ghaut cat incident: Why aren't we more caring towards animals in distress?
  • 'Proper procedure was not followed'
    Updated 09:05 AM October 7, 2009
      WE REFER to "MRT staff at Dhoby Ghaut ignored pleas; had no regard for animal...