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Why didn't I receive any download links?

Well, chances are the e-mail was either blocked by Spam Filters on your server, or the e-mail has been delivered to your spam folder. If you check your Spam Folder and the e-mail is not there, please fill out our Store Contact Form so that we can make sure you get your files.

I purchased FLAC files, but they won't play on my computer!

FLAC files are a new type of audio that isn't supported by most media players, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes. In order to play FLAC files on your computer, you need a player such as Winamp along with the FLAC plugin. For more information on FLAC, please go to the FLAC Resource Page.

Whenever I click on my links, all I get is a blank page or a file not found error!

If this is the case, chances are your e-mail client is not displaying the links properly. In your download e-mail, the link may run on two lines. Some e-mail clients are inserting spaces in the link, and this is not correct. If you're getting a blank page, please select the ENTIRE link, several lines, and paste that into your browser address bar directly. This should aleviate the problem.