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With the upcoming album "Mindfields" almost being finished, Simon Phillips took the time to answer some questions about the new recording.
Now that the new album is nearly finished, what is the main difference for you between "Mindfields" and "Tambu" which was your first recording with the band? Is it the fact that Bobby is back, is it a different style or something else?
Everything about it is different. We took much longer to make this record. The writing process started earlier and we rehearsed and did more writing sessions. I am more involved in the making of this album - in fact we split duties - Dave and I would work on one song (vocals - overdubs) with Steve Macmillan (pro tools engineer) and Mike and Luke would work with Elliot Scheiner on another song. In other words - the true definition of the word - co-production. The music is different as well and having Bobby back gives our sound that something special - more like original TOTO but present day style.
Have you already decided which songs will make it on the record? Are there 2 or 3 specific songs which you like most and if so, why? Can you name some titles?
We can only agree to have all the tracks on the record - nobody wants to leave anything off but we will hold back 1 as the record company requires us to have a bonus track in certain territories. Yes - I do have my favourites - "Mindfields", "Melanie", "One Road", "Caught In The Balance" - however we have not finished yet - still have 3 more to mix and 2 more lead vocals - things can change!!!
Do you already know which song will be the first single? Will it rather be a ballad or a faster track?
No - we have not agreed on that - we would like our record co to listen and give suggestions as well as input from other people.
Which guest musicians are playing/singing on "Mindfields"?
Lenny Castro, Clint Black, Richard Page, Chris Thompson, Mark Hudson, Timothy Schmit, Phil Soussan, Maria Vidal - I think that's it!
Will David Paich sing lead vocals on a song (or even on more than one song) like requested by so many fans, and if so, what's the song called?
Maybe - it is a surprise.
Do you already know what the line-up will be for the next tour? We've heard that Jenny and John won't be with you this time. Lots of people are speculating about a sax player like Warren Ham.
We haven't confirmed our line up yet. Warren will not be doing it.

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