Strongly critical of the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany, the art of political photomontage artist John Heartfield was banned there throughout Hitler's Third Reich.

This site is the hub of a collaborative project based at Towson University that centers on a Towson-produced musical about the artist. During Spring 2000, students from Mass Communication, Instructional Technology and Theatre served as the staff for building this online resource.

At this site, you can learn about Heartfield's life and work, the musical produced and directed by Towson MFA candidate Kate Chisholm, and educational resources relating to this project.

The production of Heartfield played at Baltimore's Theatre Project April 27 through May 7. If you missed it, you can view scenes from the play in streaming audio and video.

left image: selection from a John Heartfield photomontage, originally published in AIZ no. 37, 1929.

right image: John Heartfield, 1934. German Historical Museum, Berlin.

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