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Standardization Notice
(Updated March 16, 1998)
Bilingual Internet Glossary
(Updated November 26, 1997)
Bilingual List of Titles of Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers
(Updated March, 1998)
Women and Development Glossary
(Updated October 30, 1996)

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Telecommunications and Broadcasting Regulation

Universal Classification Standard Glossary
Immigration Glossary
Vocabulary of Parliament
Employment Equity Glossary
The Canadian Style: A Guide to Writing and Editing
Le guide du rédacteur
Vocabulary of Government Finance Management
Employment Glossary
Informatics Glossary
Lexique analogique

Rapid technological change has often forced businesses and institutions, even those working in the same language and subject area, to use different terms to designate the same concept in the same field. The federal government has not escaped this proliferation of terms.

In addition to standardizing terminology used in the federal public service, the Translation Bureau distributes the result of its terminological and linguistic research throughout Canada and the world by publishing vocabularies and glossaries, often in collaboration with other departments, agencies and international standardization organizations.

These publications are essential working tools for all language professionals and for the public in general since they provide all the information needed to create, translate or revise texts in administrative, scientific and technical fields.

Terminology Bulletins
Bilingual vocabularies and glossaries are the result of terminological research and consultation of subject-field specialists or of systematic standardization work. These vocabularies include terms with synonyms and, where required, definitions.

Glossary Series
In general, a departmental glossary includes the terminology of programs and services administered by a department or government agency.

Glossary Series
Publications in the Glossary Series contain the most current bilingual terminology used in specific subject fields. The booklet format facilitates consultation of the glossaries, which are excellent working tools for those who write in both official languages.

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