Last updated:  October 28, 1998

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The Government of Canada
Linguistic Data Bank

The Electronic Genius of Terminology

TERMIUM CD TERMIUM®, one of the largest linguistic data banks in operation, is a product of the Translation Bureau. It is an electronic dictionary on compact disc consisting of over three million terms and names in English and French with definitions, contexts, examples of usage and observations. The equivalent of more than 400 diskettes at your fingertips!

Originally a terminological reference for Government of Canada translators, TERMIUM« has, over the years, become an invaluable tool for all those in both the private and public sectors who write in English or French or wish to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their communications. Translators, terminologists, researchers and anyone working in a bilingual environment will find a wealth of terminological, linguistic and documentary information in TERMIUM«.

Since languages are continually changing, TERMIUM® on CD-ROM is updated on a regular basis. It features a user-friendly interface for Windows, DOS or Macintosh operating systems, in standalone and network versions. Site licences are also available.

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