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A new breakthrough in Efficient Computing. Built on a revolutionary but proven hardware/software architecture.

Offers freedom of choice for those seeking best-in-class chip set components and gives product vendors the ability to build in added value, functionality, security, comfort, reliability and cost-savings.

Ushers in a new era of efficient computing for users of ultra-portable and mainstream notebook computers and enables innovative new devices.

Fabricated using advanced 0.13-micron semiconductor technology from TSMC. Providing another major leap forward in performance and power efficiency.

Offering an unmatched combination of power efficiency, design flexibility, performance-on-demand and low cost.

How do you define efficient?

Efficient, adjective.
1. directly producing an effect or results; causative, effective; as the efficient cause.
2. producing the desired effect or result with a minimum of effort, expense or waste; working well; competent; able; capable.

What does efficiency mean to personal computing? We think efficient needs to be rethought from the ground up. The jump to efficiency will never be made with the current mind-set.

Efficiency needs to be rethought in terms of energy, heat, size, performance, and cost. It needs to give people the flexibility to work when, where, and how they need to, from the factory floor to the living room -- and anywhere in between.

It begins with a microprocessor that embodies this spirit of change. It begins with the Transmeta Efficeon, a processor that delivers more performance per watt per dollar -- and redefines efficient.

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