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Transparency International’s (TI) regional departments were created to provide a strong network for anti-corruption initiatives and co-operation at regional level. The regional departments support the work done by TI's National Chapters around the world, provide a platform for sharing knowledge and experience, develop strategies to respond to regionally distinct patterns of corruption and initiate advocacy campaigns at both the regional and sub-regional level. The regional departments also play an important role in advancing TI’s global priorities in the fight against corruption.

As the political climate in this area of the world has warmed and led to increased room for civil society to maneuver and greater freedom for the media, TI’ s 18 National Chapters in the region have become an integral pillar of national integrity in their respective countries. TI National Chapters have been furthering the anti-corruption cause by demanding greater accountability from government and advocating reforms in the areas of governance and the management of public resources. These national civil society coalitions active in the fight against corruption further play a great role in strengthening democracy and participation in some of the regions' young democracies.

The Americas Department at the Transparency International Secretariat represents 18 National Chapters and contacts groups in both North and South America. While united in the common goal of fighting corruption, both sides of the hemisphere must advance the anti-corruption struggle in different contexts. For example, while the fight against corruption in North America has been marked primarily by accounting, financial and political scandals; Latin American countries continue to suffer from structural problems that affect the region’s economic and democratic development.

The Americas department at TI additionally serves as a secretariat for the TILAC Network (TI National Chapters in Latin America and the Caribbean). Created in 1996 as a response to common corruption-related problems in the region, TILAC has evolved into a strong network for mutual support and innovative tool development. Under the leadership of the Americas department, TILAC chapters are also engaged in regional diagnostic and advocacy work in areas such as public procurement, political party finance and anti-corruption conventions.

The Asia Pacific region represents more than half of the world’s population and is marked by it's diversity in terms of cultural, social and political background. TI's Asia-Pacific Department provides support to 20 National Chapters and contact groups across the region.

TI’s Asia Pacific Chapters have created TIAP, a network for TI in Asia Pacific. TIAP is a regional forum for sharing experiences, lessons learned and anti-corruption tools. It is also a strong and vital network that facilitates and implements concrete thematic anti-corruption cooperation on a number of priority issues in the region.

From Ireland to Mongolia, the Europe and Central Asia region is composed of countries wildly diverse in terms of history, culture, and economic and political development. As a result of this diversity is also a marked difference in the level and type of corruption each country must face in its national context. The Europe and Central Asia Department at TI was created to help bridge these differences by sharing information, lessons learned and resources developed by its National Chapters in the region. The department currently works with 40 National Chapters and contact groups; which have been functionally divided into three sub-regions based upon both EU status and geographical proximity: EU and EFTA Member States plus Israel; South East Europe and West CIS, and Central Asia, Russia and Caucasus.

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