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rich and poor

" There is no longer any doubt of the linkages between corruption, poverty and human rights abuses. An open and transparent state will provide for fuller realisation of economic, social and political rights. There will be fewer secrets, less discrimination, and more equal access to public services like education and health care, as well as to fairtreatment by the police and judiciary.Let us join together to fight corruption. It is a battle that can be won."

Mary Robinson, Former UN High Comissioner for Human Rights

Thank you for your interest in supporting Transparency International’s work.

Here you will find information about different ways of supporting TI, detailed information about TI’s present supporters as well as TI’s Annual Reports and Audited Accounts.

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"When a poor young mother believes that her government places its own interests above her child's, her hope for the future is dampened.

Corruption can be rooted out when people join together to change the system that facilitates it."

Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International