Alexander Mai's OS/2 page

Yes, this is another webpage dedicated to OS/2-related topics. It contains some software you won't find elsewhere but nevertheless you may look at other OS/2 related sites

Below you can find some programs for OS/2. Their sources are available somewhere on the net but I couldn't find a binary distribution for OS/2 (at least none on current release level), so I decided to publish these builds. Most of them were done just for fun and therefore not heavily tested.

Please study all warnings and documentation carefully. Note that I am not the author of these programs (until stated otherwise, of course) and therefore I am not responsible for any damage this software might cause.

Important notes

List of available software

Small utilities which I have written in REXX:

  1. ACD2 (Alexander's Change Directory)
    real fast and comfortable utility for changing directories

  2. ADFA (Alexander's Do For All)
    Quick&dirty;&tiny; utility providing wildcard support for every textmode-application.
    (it expands wildcards itself and executes the command n-times)

  3. AMkDist (Alexander's Make Distribution)
    A small REXX util to create archivs. It reads in simple scripts which may contain (shell) commands und target directories.

  4. ARC (Alexander's Rexx Cruncher)
    ARC "compresses" REXX source

  5. AT2H (Alexander's Text to HTML converter):
    Well-suited for converting small ASCII text-files containing german 'Umlaute'

  6. AMFE (Alexander's Mail FrontEnd)
    A PMMSend (PMMail's textmode interface) command line wrapper similar to the Un*x mail program

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