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Jake In Progress, Eps., 101-102: "Pilot" & "Stand By Your Man"

John Stamon in Jake in ProgressBelieve it or not, this is a funny show with potential. John Stamos is your standard likable rogue of a hottie guy. A mover and shaker PR agent, Jake is trying to quit his womanizing ways and find a more lasting relationship. The interesting thing is, he's not doing this to woo any particular woman, as has been tried in the past. He seems honestly ready to change his life. Forget the unlikely idea of a straight male publicist and focus on the fact that Stamos is a likable guy. I mean, c'mon! Wasn't Uncle Jesse the only adult on Full House with any kind of cool at all?

Granted, I've only seen the first two episodes and Mädchen Amick's delightfully loony character is only in the pilot, but still, if the writers can keep the premise fresh...yeah, I know. That's a tough one, especially since the "one date per episode" premise was scrapped after the pilot.

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Battlestar Galactica, Ep. 110: "The Hand of God"

Colonel Tigh and Commander Adama Plot StrategyStarbuck (Katee Sackhoff) is growing up. Watching her plan the attack on the fuel mine was great to see. She's been so frightened, hiding behind her bravado, it's nice to see her take some major responsibility. The "double decoy" plan was pretty cool, and the standard trick of cutting away to another plot line when the "secret plan" is discussed never fails. However, on a network ad-scheduling note, cutting from a chilling scene where the Galactica listens to sounds of their pilots dying into a Budweiser ad was jarring as hell. Talk about breaking up the drama and ruining the moment. Another false and upsetting notes was at the end of the episode when the surviving pilots return after a successful mission, they act like they just won the war. The fact is, many pilots died. I doubt the celebrations would have been so unrestrained.

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Recycling celebrity

Peter BradyWho could've guessed the trio of The Surreal Life, Strange Love and Celebrity Fit Club would be VH-1's highest rated line-up in 20 years on television. Newsday takes a look at why washed up celebrities are so entertaining as reality stars. Maybe its because they're actually used to being in front of a camera and are desperate to stay there this time. And maybe it has something to do with us at home feeling we're doing better than that middle Brady Bunch kid or Da Brat.
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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition rules Sunday night

EMHEWithout a fresh episode of “Desperate Housewives,” ABC still ruled Sunday night with a double episode of EMHE raking in 14.3 million viewers overall along with the new John Stamos comedy “Jake In Progress” drawing 12.9 million viewers. CBS' “Cold Case” remains strong and drew the most of any one show Sunday with 16.5 million viewers.
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Behind the scenes of Deadwood

DeadwoodThis AP story does a wonderful job of delving into what makes up the series of Deadwood from the actors to the set design and even the extras. One funny piece of trivia to amuse your friends is that the show is shot on the site of Gene Autry's Melody Ranch where he made the “singing cowboy” movies. I don't think Gene would be a big fan of Deadwood's take on the foulmouthed west.
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PoweR Girls not looking so good

Power GirlsAlthough not looking quite as bad as Lizzie Grubman's lips, the show's debut last Thursday on MTV raked in a measly 1.2 million viewers. Those who tuned in saw Grubman wrangling her half dozen or so young associates to plan a party and plant “news” stories in the press. Like a snippet about Lindsay Lohan on Page Six. The show is pretty ridiculous and about as “real life” as Grubman's facial features.
[PoweR Girls, MTV Thurs. 10:30 p.m. EST]
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Jane Pauley Show canned

Jane PauleyThat didn't take long. The Jane Pauley Show debuted in August 2004 and it was announced today that it will end production in mid-April. Folks never warmed up to Pauley in the daytime, especially with the heavy competition from Oprah, Dr. Phil and Ellen. It would probably be easier and more proftable for NBC to spin current Today Show host Katie Couric into daytime.
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Deadwood: A Lie Agreed Upon Part 2

Lie Part 2Boy, Part 1 was so exciting that last night's episode was a big letdown. A case of adding way too much dialogue following so much action. This had to be the wordiest Deadwood episode yet. And while much of it was old fashioned cursing, most was trying to set the plotlines for the rest of the season, mainly Bullock's place in Deadwood as both a father and husband and sheriff. The newly deformed Swearengen is trying to cover all bets with the approaching reality of government in the territories and we're all waiting for the next shoe to drop. The return of Calamity Jane was underwhelming and reminds us how we didn't miss her at all.
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UPN Says, "Who Cares About the Oscars, Chris Rock?"

chrisrockNo matter if you thought Chris Rock either did well as host of the Oscars or not, UPN has given the go-ahead to develop a show inspired by his childhood experiences attending a mostly white school in Brooklyn in the 80s. The show will be called "Everybody Hates Chris" and he will narrate the single-camera pilot.

As much as I like Chris Rock, I just don't think his brand of humor will come across well on network television. His HBO shows were edgy and brilliant, but with the increasing crackdown on content by the government and watchdog groups, the show will be too watered down for my tastes.

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American Idol's Mario Vasquez quits, Nikko back

Mario VazquezIn a dramatic turn, American Idol Mario Vazquez has quit the show citing personal reasons and will be replaced by recently booted Nikko Smith. Mario was one of the favorite men in the competition along with rocker Bo Bice and soulful Anwar Robinson. Nikko was voted off in last week's elimination episode and will probably not last long in his return. Nikko is the son of baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith.

[American Idol, FOX Tues. 8 p.m. EST]

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