The Meteoritical Society

* An international, non-profit organization devoted to the study of

extraterrestrial materials and history, including asteroids, impact craters, interplanetary dust, lunar samples, meteors, meteorites, tektites, and the origin of the solar system. Our 925 members from 32 countries include scientists specializing in aspects of geology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy, as well as amateurs interested in meteorites and impact craters.

Society News:

*Announcing the Meteoritical Society Endowment Fund.

*Surplus issues of Smithsonian Contributions available!

*Supplement to the Catalogue of Meteorites of the Museum of Natural History, Humboldt-University Berlin available!

* Our latest Newsletter

* Our current officers

* 1998 Annual Meeting
1998 Symposium in honor of Paul Pellas (Paris)
1999 Annual Meeting (Johannesburg)or, more information HERE.

* The Meteoritical Bulletin - A listing of recently discovered or fallen meteorites.

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* Awards

Society Archives:

* Our constitution

* Recepients of the Leonard Medal and the Barringer Award

* Our history

* The 1996 Newsletter

* The 1995 Newsletter

Society WebLinks:

* Visit the virtual office of our journal, Meteoritics and Planetary Science

* Visit the virtual Lunar and Planetary Institute, a source of information on upcoming meetings of interest to Society members and databases on meteorites and other extraterrestrial samples.

*Planetary Science Research Discoveries, an online journal of current work in planetary science, for teachers, students, and the general public.

*Messages from Outer Space Online, an online resource of ideas for lesson plans and educational material in planetary science/astronomy.

Meteorites and their Properties, a site dedicated to providing information about meteorites to the general public, and K-12 teachers.

*Links to homepages of our members

. *Our sister organization, The International Union of Geological Sciences

* Visit our webpage host, the University of Arkansas

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