Welcome to the official Universal Music Ringtones service.
Text to receive them direct to your mobile......

Simply text the code for your chosen ringtone to the number 85123 (e.g. for the 'Akon' truetone text AKON3 to 85123). If you have requested a ringtone, you will then be offered the choice of either MONOPHONIC or POLYPHONIC.

Monophonic ringtones and B&W logos/wallpapers cost £2.00 (inc VAT). Polyphonic ringtones and colour images cost £3.00 (inc VAT). Truetones cost £3.50 (inc. VAT).

For Truetones & polyphonic ringtones, ensure your handset is WAP compatible and that your WAP service is activated. Terms and Conditions apply.
Girls Aloud
Wake Me Up
Text ALOUD01 for the mono or ALOUD02 for the poly to the number 85123 to get the latest Girls Aloud single as a ringtone now!
Locked Up
Text AKON1 for the mono or AKON2 for the poly to the number 85123 to get Akon on your mobile!
Only U
Text REAL101 to the number 85123 and get your mono/poly ringtone now!
Like Toy Soldiers
Text EMINEM01 for the mono or EMINEM02 for the poly to 85123 to get this smash hit as your ringtone now!
The Game feat. 50 Cent
How We Do
Text GAME1 for the mono or GAME2 for the poly to 85123 to get this hot new track on your mobile!
To subscribe to the Universal mobile database, text INFO UNIVERSAL to 85123, so you can receive the latest info.
To unsubscribe, text STOP INFO to 85123.
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