UN/ECE Press Releases

ECE/GEN/97/17 12/03/97 Recent economic development in the western market economies and in the transition
economies of Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States
ECE/TRANS/97/10 11/18/97 Transport and environment: green light for cooperation
ECE/TRADE/97/11 11/25/97 Decontaminating polluted soils - who can help?
ECE/TRADE/97/10 11/17/97 Foreign investment opportunities in chemicals in Central and Eastern Europe
ECE/TRANS/97/9 11/14/97 UN/ECE countries ready to act on transport and the environment
ECE/TRANS/97/8 11/14/97 More container transport on inland waterways in Europe
ECE/TRANS/97/7 11/14/97 Vehicles in Europe to be inspected
ECE/TRADE/97/9 11/13/97 Steel market shows steady growth in 1997
ECE/TRANS/97/6 11/12/97 Statement by Mr Yves Berthelot, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, on the occasion of the regional conference on transport and the environment
ECE/TRANS/97/5 11/12/97 The regional conference on transport and the environment starts its deliberations
ECE/TRANS/97/4 11/06/97 Vienna will host first get-together of transport and environment ministers
ECE/TIM/97/2 10/16/97 Recovery in European forest products markets, but conditions still highly competitive
ECE/ENV/97/17 10/02/97 Will the tap run dry? 
ECE/ENV/97/16 10/01/97 Protocol on volatile organic compounds in force 
ECE/ENV/97/15 09/23/97 Heavy metal in the air 
ECE/TRADE/97/8 09/18/97 UN/CEFACT: ready for business 
ECE/TRADE/97/7 09/16/97 Use of scrap substitutes in the iron and steel industry forecast to almost double by the year 2000 
ECE/ENV/97/14 09/16/97 With EIA there are no losers 
ECE/ENV/97/13 09/04/97 New sulphur protocol will save us$ 9.5 billion a year 
ECE/TRANS/97/3 09/02/97 Are airbags dangerous? 
ECE/ENV/97/12 08/26/97 Is acid rain a thing of the past?
ECE/TRADE/97/6 08/12/97 Chemical industry now accounts for 10% of total World trade: Chemical trade doubles in six years
ECE/TRADE/97/5 08/05/97 New steel-making capacity growing faster than expected
ECE/ENV/97/11 07/22/97 Water and health: UN/ECE fights for clean drinking water 
ECE/TRANS/97/2 06/27/97 TIR Convention: Revised TIR Customs transit procedure adopted 
ECE/ENV/97/10 06/24/97 Following up an environmental performance review Estonia takes up the challenge 
ECE/STAT/97/1 06/24/97 Trends in Europe and North America - At last statistics for every one! 
ECE/TRANS/97/1 06/24/97 Ten countries sign UN/ECE agreement on European inland waterway network 
ECE/ENV/97/9 06/19/97 Actions speak louder than words: Shedding light on the darker sides of Rio 
ECE/TRADE/97/4 06/13/97 Can we ensure a positive future for the chemical industry's R&D institutions?
ECE/ENV/97/8 06/06/97 A UN/ECE Convention at work : Belarus, Poland, and Ukraine pledge to protect the river Bug 
ECE/ENV/97/7 05/23/97 Pesticides: use and misuse, benefits and hazards where do we go from here? 
ECE/TIM/97/1 05/12/97 Seminar on forestry training for target groups that are hard to reach 
ECE/TRADE/97/3 05/07/97 UN/ECE launches an initiative to promote real estate in central and eastern Europe and the CIS 
ECE/GEN/97/15 04/28/97 UN/ECE adopts three decisions 
ECE/GEN/97/14 04/24/97 Economic Commission for Europe concludes 50th Anniversary session 
ECE/GEN/97/13 04/24/97 Activities and functions of principal subsidiary bodies reviewed by Economic Commission for Europe 
ECE/GEN/97/12 04/23/97 Cooperation and partnership with other regional institutions discussed by Economic Commission for Europe 
ECE/GEN/97/11 04/23/97 Signature of a memorandum between the Economic Commission for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States 
ECE/GEN/97/10 04/23/97 Economic Commission for Europe holds Round-Table debate on "Forging Partnership" 
ECE/GEN/97/9 04/22/97 Declaration of reform, programme of action adopted at 50th Anniversary session of Economic Commission for Europe 
ECE/GEN/97/8 04/22/97 Declaration on the strengthening of economic cooperation in Europe adopted by the fifty-second session of the Economic Commission for Europe 
ECE/GEN/97/7 04/22/97 United Nations Secretary-General opens 50th Anniversary session of Economic Commission for Europe 
ECE/GEN/97/6 04/21/97 Statement by the Executive Secretary, Yves Berthelot, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary session of the Economic Commission for Europe 
ECE/GEN/97/5 04/15/97 The Secretary-General opens the ceremonies of the 50th Anniversary of the Economic Commission for Europe 
ECE/GEN/97/4 04/15/97 Uneven economic performance and prospects in the ECE region in 1996-1997 - UN/ECE releases its Economic Survey of Europe in 1996-1997 
ECE/IND/97/3 04/08/97 UN/ECE warns of a potential world overcapacity build up in steel 
ECE/IND/97/2 04/08/97 There are no easy answers to difficult questions 
ECE/ENV/97/6 04/07/97 There's no place like home, UN/ECE assesses the housing sector in Bulgaria 
ECE/ENV/97/5 03/20/97 Should drinking-water come with a health warning? 22 March: World day for water 
ECE/TRADE/97/2 03/19/97 A new centre: New ways of working in the UN system 
ECE/ENV/97/4 03/10/97 Industrial risks in countries in transition: UN/ECE tackles problem head-on 
ECE/TRADE/97/1 02/25/97 Cumulate foreign direct investment in transition economies grows by 60 per cent in 1995 
ECE/GEN/97/2 02/18/97 The changing lives of young Norwegian women 
ECE/ENE/97/4 02/12/97 Russians foresee huge increase in gas exports 
ECE/ENV/97/3 02/06/97 Protecting the environment by saving energy: UN/ECE responds to new challenge 
ECE/ENE/97/3 02/06/97 As Europe's gas consumption soars, will the supply be secure after the year 2005? 
ECE/GEN/97/1 01/30/97 A good start for the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative (SECI) 
ECE/ENV/97/2 01/24/97 Moving towards a protocol: Agreement on List of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Takes Shape in Geneva 
ECE/ENE/97/1 01/21/97 The UN/ECE promotes energy efficiency investments in the Russian Federation 
ECE/ENV/97/1 01/17/97 Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP): a decisive step 
ECE/IND/1 01/10/97 World crude steel production decreases by 0.2 per cent in 1996
ECE/GEN/40 12/19/96 Prague and Budapest attract foreigners International Migration Bulletin - No. 9
ECE/GEN/39 12/09/96 Eastern European countries: the road to EU accession - policy issues and the need for a strategy 
ECE/GEN/38 12/05/96 Uneven economic performance and prospects in the ECE region in 1996-1997: modest economic recovery in western Europe and the Baltic states, slowing growth in eastern Europe, and a continuing decline in output in the CIS
ECE/ENV/7 11/28/96 Tackling air pollution from lawnmowers to jumbo jets
ECE/ENE/3 11/21/96 Privatization of the coal industry in eastern europe leads to deep job cuts
ECE/IND/11 11/08/96 The steel market in 1996 and prospects for 1997
ECE/TRADE/6 11/07/96 Finance for trade in central and eastern europe
ECE/GEN/37 11/05/96 Poverty in the UN/ECE region: older persons at risk?
ECE/TRANS/4 10/31/96 TIR saved for the time being
ECE/TRANS/3 10/24/96 Georgia forges transport links with neighbours
ECE/IND/9 10/16/96 The iron and steel industry of the Republic of Korea: Study Tour organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
ECE/IND/8 10/11/96 Robots in the United States
ECE/ENE/2 10/10/96 The future of coal depend on electricity
ECE/ENV/6 10/06/96 A unique opportunity to save Europe's rivers and lakes
ECE/TIM/3 10/02/96 Lower demand and fierce competition on european forest product markets
ECE/TRAD/5 10/01/96 UN experts visit Hungary to analyse the participation of private investment in infrastructure projects
ECE/IND/7 09/16/96 Investment in robotics surged by 26% in 1995
ECE/GEN/34 09/09/96 Reverse brain drain in Poland
ECE/TRAD/2 07/01/96 The property market in the countries in transition
ECE/GEN/32 06/28/96 Reforms at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - 20% of staff redeployed
ECE/ENV/4 06/18/96 The Veil of Environmental Secrecy Challenged
ECE/TIM/1 06/13/96 Cut trees to save the environment?

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