"University Affairs allows Acadia to target our key audience for academic positions. It is a valuable recruiting tool, and helps to make our searches broader and more effective."

Michael P. Leiter Ph. D.
Vice-president, academic,
and professor of psychology
Acadia University

"University Affairs is the best way to get our ad out to the greatest number of possible candidates at the lowest price."

Marian Binkley
Dean and professor of social anthropology and sociology
Faculty of arts and social sciences
Dalhousie University

"University Affairs has been a unique tool in searching out the best calibre of candidates from Canada's university communities. As a result, ACAD has been provided with excellent service in meeting all of our expectations and more."

Diana Hardman
Assistant to the Vice-President of Finance & Human Resources
Alberta College of Art and Design

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University Affairs is the best way to reach Canada's top professors, researchers anduniversity administrators. It is the Canadian university community's most relied upon ource of news and information about higher education. Canada's best academic and university administrative jobs are offered and found here. And when it comes to reliable information about what's going on in their field and among their colleagues, this is the first publication university readers turn to.

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