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Why do I keep getting old sports scores no matter how many times I update the page?

A bug in Netscape Navigator 2.0 related to Daylight Savings time may prevent updating of certain pages. Sports scores and box scores are automatically updated to your screen every two minutes, but the Netscape bug prevents this update. It may also prevent you from getting the latest version of these pages when you try to manually reload them.

Until Netscape fixes the bug, you can work around it by setting your cache size to zero. First select Network Preferences from the Options menu. Then click the cache tab, type 0 for both the memory and disk cache sizes and then click OK. Setting the cache size to zero will slow down Web access, however.

How can I tell which stories are new and which are older?

After Jan. 2, 1996, readers will see a date and time stamp at the top of all new stories published by USA TODAY Online. That date/time is when the story appeared on the World Wide Web. The times are in the USA's Eastern Time Zone. Readers also will be reminded to refresh their screens often to be sure the version of a story is the latest one available. Pages published to the Web before Jan. 2 will not carry the date/time stamp unless they are updated.

How can I subscribe to USA TODAY, the newspaper?

We make it easy. Click here for a discount, online subscription form.

How about subscribing to Baseball Weekly?

No problem. Click here for a Baseball Weekly, subscription form.

How does the interactive CROSSWORD puzzle work?

You can play our daily crossword puzzle on your computer by downloading the crossword puzzle viewer. The puzzle viewer works with your Web browser, and launches automatically when you click on a puzzle icon. You can play the crossword puzzle online or offline. Click here to download the crossword puzzle viewer. The puzzle viewer is a Windows program.If the puzzle seems out of date, try clearing your cache.

Is there a puzzle viewer for Macintosh users?

Yes! USA TODAY Online recently completed puzzle viewers for the MAC. Click here for instructions.

How can I find a past article or BACK ISSUE of the USA TODAY newspaper?

You can find many articles by clicking on the SEARCH button on USA TODAY Online's front page. Archives of past stories are not yet available on-line to the public. To track down an article that appeared in a past issue of USA TODAY, Baseball Weekly, Gannett News Service or USA Weekend, call Research Line at 703-276-5864. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. Research Line is a fee-based service. If you need a specific back issue of USA TODAY and you know the date, call the USA TODAY Customer Service Center at 800-872-0001. The cost is $2.00 for each back issue, plus shipping & handling. Each order must be prepaid either with an American Express, Visa or Master Card. If you would prefer to mail a check or money order, please call for the total cost.

I want to RESPOND by e-mail to something I read in the USA TODAY newspaper. How can I do that?

The e-mail address for Letters to the Editor is editor@usatoday.com. For other sections, use our online Feedback form.

You also can write the newspaper at 1000 Wilson Blvd., Arlington VA 22229 or call the customer service center at 1-800-872-0001.

How can I ask a question/give FEEDBACK to the editors of the USA TODAY Web site?

Click here for our online Feedback form.

How can I ADVERTISE in the USA TODAY Web site?

Send e-mail to ltellez@usatin.gannett.com.

Why do your PHOTOS and graphics look strange on my Web browser?

If your browser does not support something called "inline jpegs," pictures either will not appear or they will appear in a separate Window rather than alongside all the other elements of a page. There's really no solution to this problem other than to switch to a browser that supports inline jpegs.

Sometimes your news appears to be several days OLD. Why is that?

Most likely it's because your software, while trying to make your time on the net more efficient, has shown you an old page that was saved in cache -- a kind of storage space on your hard drive. By loading a page from cache, your software responds more quickly than if it searches the web and servers for the page you've specified. But if your software hasn't refreshed its cache, you stand the chance of getting "old news."

If you get an "old" page, force your browser to go to the USA TODAY server and get the latest page. You do this by clicking the "Reload" button at the top of your browser screen. If your browser is reloading from cache, you will continue to get the "old" page, so you will have to clear out your cache or set your cache size to zero. Usually, this can be done through your browser's Configuration screen.

Does USA TODAY control the content or performance of Internet sites that are hot-linked on such pages as Web Traveler and Election '96?

Those non-USA TODAY sites are entirely the responsibility of the people who develop and maintain them. We link only as a convenience, pointing our readers to sites that have some news interest.

We're also not responsible for the operation of any software that these sites may offer. Readers should be aware of the possibilities of contracting a computer virus by downloading files on the Internet. Readers also should be aware of the possibility of encountering offensive language or graphics at some sites.