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Tuesday, Feb. 23
St. Louis - Increased traffic, particularly commercial, has sparked a state study of ways to strengthen aging pavement and the possibility of adding an extra lane in each direction of I-70 along an 180-mile stretch through Missouri. The study is expected to be completed later this year.

Monday, Feb. 22
Jefferson City - John Bardgett Jr., a lobbyist, has mounted a statewide letter-writing campaign to encourage President Clinton to reduce the prison sentence of former Missouri House Speaker Bob Griffin so that Griffin can help care for his ill wife. Griffin's wife, Linda, suffered a stroke last fall. Griffin, 63, has served 13 months of a four-year term for bribery and mail fraud. Griffin currently is imprisoned in Florida.

Friday, Feb. 19
Jefferson City - After age 21, motorcyclists could toss their helmets aside under a proposal that received first-round approval in the Senate. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Danny Staples, D-Eminence, would change the state's motorcycle helmet law to require helmets only for drivers and riders under 21. It would dismantle a 32-year-old state law that mandates helmets for all motorcycle drivers and riders in the state.

Thursday, Feb. 18
Jefferson City - State officials plan a monument here to honor people killed or severely injured by drunk drivers. In 1997, 775 people died on state highways as a result of alcohol-related accidents. The privately financed monument is expected to cost $150,000.

Wednesday, Feb. 17
Springfield - Burglars broke into a police department training facility and stole a shotgun, submachine gun and a handful of pistols, officials said. The stolen weapons included several that officers had left to be repaired, and some were kept as loaners for officers.

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