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Why Chrissy Teigen ate her placenta after the birth of her son, Miles

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Chrissy Teigen ate her placenta after her son, Miles, was born in May. The 32-year-old model and entrepreneur said she did it to combat the postpartum depression she experienced after giving birth to her first child, Luna, in 2016. 

The celeb mom, who’s married to John Legend, talked about her experience in an interview on "Sunday's Best: Celebrating 40 Years of CBS Sunday Morning," a one-hour special that airs Sept. 14.

“That’s not a normal thing?” Teigen joked with host, Rita Braver. “I’m in L.A., it’s very normal. They grill it here. You can try some of mine after.”

Why would a mom eat placenta after giving birth?

Consuming placenta – the organ shared between mother and child that provides nutrients and support to the fetus – after birth is a growing trend. Celeb moms such as Kim Kardashian West, Katherine Heigl, Alicia Silverstone and January Jones all have done it.

Proponents say eating placenta can improve mood and energy in new mothers. It also reduces pain and increases milk production, they believe.

One of the most common ways mothers consume placenta is to have it dried and made into pills. It can be eaten raw, dehydrated into a jerky-like food, cooked, roasted and made into smoothies or elixirs. 

Some health advocates warn it could be dangerous

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said mothers should be especially careful of the practice after an Oregon mother unwittingly gave her newborn a Group B Streptococcus, a serious infection which called for hospitalization, after eating her dehydrated placenta. The mom was clear of the bacteria, so it took days for doctors to test and realize it was inside the placenta capsules she was eating.

Research published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology said benefits of placentophagy (the medical way to say eating placenta) is likely a result of the placebo effect. 

“We found that there is no scientific evidence of any clinical benefit of placentophagy among humans, and no placental nutrients and hormones are retained in sufficient amounts after placenta encapsulation to be potentially helpful to the mother postpartum,” authors of the report said. 

Either way, we're thrilled Teigen is feeling happy as a new mom of two. 

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