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This form can be used to send email to Be sure to fill out all the required fields before submitting this form. Please refer to the help page if you require additional assistance filling out this form. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

For most messages, you will receive a response within three business days. Some questions may take longer to resolve. If you have a problem that requires immediate attention, call the Help Desk at 475-9400.

In the meantime, online help is available on ACITS computer systems using the following resources:
You can browse through a list of FAQ's that are commonly submitted
via this web form. Would you like to know how you can turn your
account off if you don't go to UT anymore? How about the charges
on your account and how they accrue? These are just a few examples
of the kinds of FAQ's addressed here.
The ACITS "Document Rack" lists useful documents for microcomputers
and all ACITS systems.
This page includes Campus-wide computer information.
The ACITS Web Page provides information on ACITS systems and services.
This page provides links to several sets of searchable ACITS FAQs.
Microcomputer users who can get to this page may find the
UT Connect FAQs particularly helpful.
The Windows NT page provides information on WNT services and offers
resources for Windows NT. services.

Online help is also available on ACITS computer systems.

On the VMS Cluster:
Type UTHELP DOCUMENTATION at the DCL prompt ($) for information.

On UNIX systems:
To learn how to use a UNIX command, type: man command-name
To search an index of man pages for a keyword, use: apropos keyword

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