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UT Connect (version 2.3) provides connection software and Internet applications preconfigured for use at UT Austin. UT Connect is available for Macintosh and Windows machines and provides the software you need to browse the Web, read and send e-mail, use USENET News, and run Telnet and FTP.

Getting Started
Instructions on how to identify your system, get a computer account, purchase UT Connect, and install and configure UT Connect on your system.

If you already have a computer account authorized for the services you need, the next step is to purchase UT Connect. If you already have both a computer account and your new copy of UT Connect, you can go directly to the installation instructions.

Immediate answers to general questions about UT Connect, with links to answers for specific platforms (Windows 95, Macintosh, etc.)

UT Connect: Getting Started Answers

30 April 1998
ACITS at UT Austin
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