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These answers apply to everyone using UT Connect.
  1. UT Connect Packet Contents
  2. What Can I Do With UT Connect?
  3. How Can I Get the New Version of UT Connect?
  4. Identifying Your System (for novices)
  5. Updating Applications
  6. SLIP Operation Details
  7. Telesys Name and Password ("Access Denied")
  8. Invalid Password. TCP close already issued.
  9. Lost or Forgotten Password
  10. Valid Mailbox Name and Password
  11. Can I Read Mail Without UT Connect?
  12. File Sharing and Print Sharing
  13. Can I Print Mail Messages at my Local Printer?
  14. 9600 Baud Modems
  15. IP Addresses
  16. Departmental IP Addresses
  17. Getting Consulting Help
  18. "Bad Login": Mail ID Failures
  19. No Wais Proxy
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UT Connect: Getting Started Answers

11 May 1998
ACITS at UT Austin
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