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Events for students

Reading Scripture Through Other Eyes
As a partner site of Trinity Institute, Conrad Grebel University College offers via Internet Reading Scripture Through Other " Four Lectures with Guest Speakers: -Walter Brueggemann -Mary Gordon -Teresa Okure -Gerald O. West -Steed V. Davidson, preacher Guest panelists will include representatives of the next generation of Bible scholars Trinity Institute's 41st National Theological Conference will explore the theory and practice of Bible study that is authentic, transformative, and sensitive to the different contexts in which we read scripture. This series may be of interest to Reading and Small Groups, Pastors, and other individuals. Join us for lectures and facilitated discussions as interests you. $5 a lecture ($2.50 for students) Refreshment breaks are provided and lunch is available in the cafeteria for purchase. For speaker bios, go to the Trinity Institute website: For more info or to register, contact: Ed Janzen 519-885-0220 x24249
Thursday, January 20 from 12:00am to 03:45pm
Where: Conrad Grebel University College

CIDA: The Story of a Successful International Internship
Robert Rankin will discuss his internship in the Grenadines and give suggestions on how to improve your chances of being selected for an international project.
Friday, January 21 from 02:00pm to 04:30pm
Where: St. Paul's UC

Knowledge Integration Seminar: Rewarding Focus
Darren Meister on Rewarding Focus: How Integrative Thinking Gets You in Trouble and Valued. In many careers, particularly those in knowledge-based domains such as technology and academia, focus and the development of deep mastery is rewarded. This talk will discuss how a person who is inclined to lateral thinking and integrating different domains of knowledge can both frustrate and invigorate individuals, teams and organizations. Examples will be drawn from research with organizations such as Intel and Accenture and teaching experience in Canada, Asia and Europe. Darren Meister is the Faculty Director of the HBA and MSc Programs and an Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Richard Ivey School of Business. His interests focus on the role of technology in enhancing organizational effectiveness, specifically as it concerns innovation processes. He investigates this question primarily within three settings: technology adoption, knowledge management and interorganizational systems. His research work is conducted within companies in close cooperation with practitioners.
Friday, January 21 from 02:30pm to 04:00pm
Where: Environment 2 (EV2), room 2002

Interview Skills: Selling Your Skills
In order to receive that job off er, you must prove your skills in the interview. Here is your opportunity to practise and improve. NOTE: There is a prerequisite for this workshop. Please see chart for details.
Friday, January 21 from 02:30pm to 04:30pm
Where: TC 2218

Philosophy Colloquium
Wendy O'Brien-Ewara, University of Waterloo, "Simone de Beauvoir and the Problem of the Other's Consciousness"
Friday, January 21 from 03:30pm to 05:00pm
Where: Hagey Hall, Room 373

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