1960′s Fashion

1960s FashionThe Many Different Fashions Of The 1960’s

The 1960’s was seen as the decade that shaped the mould and changed everything in regards to social attitudes, music and also fashion, and with so much going on it is no wonder why it made such an impact on what we see, hear and wear today.

Women became more liberated and took more interest in the fashions as well as ensuring they had a voice in a more male dominated arena. The 1960’s fashion for women was also inspired by women in the media, where pastel suits took centre stage, as well jackets that were flattering and incorporated large buttons. The Capri pant was still around from the 50’s, but the skirts and dresses were reined in a little and pulled in at the waist. We saw short floral dresses teamed with knee high boots, and the mini skirt was born from designer Mary Quant.

Fashions of the Sixties

For men they also had a chance to exhibit their personalities with bright coloured suits, with outrageous ties; they could also be seen wearing suspenders for the trousers. One trend which started in the UK, and from a group of people called Mods, was a style which incorporated French and Italian clothing.

The Mods 1960’s fashion was the tailored suit, with white shirts that were slim cut and had a button down collar; Levi’s were a must and were the only type of jeans worn by the Mods, these were flared at the bottom and the shoes or boots had to be polished so you could see your face in them.

The flared jean that they wore came into their own during the late 1960’s fashion trends, with the changes of hippies and free love. The jeans became known as bell bottoms and would be covered with symbols of peace or with flowers upon them; put together with platform shoes and loose fitting very colourful or tie dye tops it bought about something very different. The women wore longer more flowing skirts, many of which were tiered to allow them to move and feel free.

The 1960’s also bought about punk music and skin heads. They actually had a lot of influence from the Mods upon their fashions, and made it their own. They took to wearing tighter jeans, were they would roll up the end to show off their shiny black boots. Typically they wore black shirts and tops, along with suspenders attached to the jeans, and if they wore a jacket, it was dark green or black, all having narrow lapels, and with motifs attached to the sleeves and back.

Tonic suits were also very popular during the 1960’s fashion, this suit consisted of narrow bottoms, and the jacket would look just a little too big, especially on the shoulders, it had two or three buttons, but only the top one was done up. It had its unique style as it was made using different threads all woven in together so that it changed coloured when hit by the light.

With so many different music tastes, it is no wonder that the fashions were so diverse and changed so much during these 10 years, the 1960’s fashion was very much about individuality and as said shaped our world today.