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What Is Podcasting?
Like RSS, a Podcast is a page that lets you subscribe to audio files produced by the Village Voice. Podcasts are read by a Podcast application (see below), which downloads the audio files to your computer, iPod, or MP3 device automatically.
How Can I Listen to a Podcast?
You'll need to download one of these Podcast applications and follow the installation instructions. Then you'll need to subscribe to the particular Podcast you want to hear. Click on the Podcast link on our website and copy the URL from the page that comes up (the page with a lot of code) into your application's subscription field (in iTunes, for example, click "Advanced" and "Subscribe to podcast" then copy-and-paste the URL into the field).

Once you've subscribed to a Podcast, you're set: your iPod, MP3 player, or computer will automatically download any new episodes for you. Happy listening!




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