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Lusty Lady
Threesome Mania
Triple play can be ecstatic, but doesn't always guarantee a good time
by Rachel Kramer Bussel

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by Dan Savage

by Rob Brezsny

Don't anticipate a guy's bedroom habits based on how he's dressed
by Rachel Kramer Bussel

pucker up blog

So, I went and got the MRI. When I filled out the form they gave me, in response to the question, "Are there any foreign metal objects in your body?" of course, I had to check YES.

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lusty lady blog

Itís sometimes easier to stay out of the spotlight, itís a little daunting, but also flattering, to suddenly have this massive influx of hundreds of readers from the Voice site, people who might think they know me but donít, and then itís my job to reveal some of myself on this blog, but itís just hard sometimes, hard to believe that I can do it, that I have it in me, and yet when I get rid of those voices, when I just sit and be with the work, whatever it is, I do it.

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