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Hyper-Realistic Games Train Next-Gen Soldiers
by Ed Halter
Waging war isn't about fun and games. Or is it? A visit to one of the world's biggest conventions for military training technology reveals that today's armed forces are taking cues from video games, theme parks, and Hollywood.

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Google Takes Next Step Toward Brain Chip Implants
Google Maps
Site Specific: by Julian Dibbell

Choose Your Own Encyclopedia
Site Specific: by Julian Dibbell

Saddling the Ordinary With the Occult
Point Pleasant; Medium
TV: by Joy Press

Award-Winning Play Turns HBO Nostalgia Fest
Lackawanna Blues
TV: by Joy Press

Slavery, Swordsmen, and a Panel for The Wire
Slavery and the Making of America; Young Blades; The Wire
TV: by Joy Press

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