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Consumer Focus
Our company's strategic vision is driven by the needs of the consumer. We are committed to anticipating these needs and building consumer loyalty as we create and deliver high-quality services and products that satisfy consumers around the world.

Cultural Diversity
We defend and encourage cultural diversity and different forms of cultural expression. We value the variety of our dynamic content, which represents our heritage and the world's cultural diversity, and we strive to deliver competitively superior services to local markets.

Value Creation

We must deliver consistent revenue and earnings growth, in order to provide our shareholders true value creation. Our objective is to outperform our competitors. We strive to advance our competitive position by building upon our historical strengths, and our commitment to quality in all that we do. Our employees must be allowed to share in this value creation through appropriate programs.

We encourage and promote imagination and initiative. We have the highest regard for individual expression and creative freedom. These are important qualities that reflect our enterprising spirit and drive our continued innovation and growth.

Networking our talents and skills is the best tool for developing the creativity and responsiveness consumers deserve. We work together and communicate openly and directly throughout our company in order to maximize our efforts and results as one team.


We all observe strict ethical standards: we act with integrity in all situations, respect the law, maintain harmonious and respectful relations with others, protect confidentiality, place professional ethics above consideration of financial performance, protect the company's property and resources and respect the environment. Honoring these ethical standards is a condition for being a part of Vivendi.

Social Responsibility

We place a high priority on maintaining social dialogue and social cohesion throughout our company. We fully assume our responsibility to behave as good corporate citizens and our commitment regarding sustainable development. The success of these efforts relies on the personal involvement of our employees.