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Vivendi is highly aware of the need for a responsible attitude towards developing interactive media and electronic commerce. That is why we have taken the initiative of introducing this Internet with Confidence Charter, in which we set forth seven main principles, accompanied by concrete measures for our Internet activities.

1. The Protection of Personal Data
One of the primary benefits of the Internet is the possibility it offers for providing personalized information. However, basic rights should be respected when collecting and processing personal data.

Vivendi respects your right to privacy protection and is committed to providing its services within a trusted environment.

Concretely, Vivendi commits to:
    • Responding to your questions on data processing;
    • Informing you of our personal data collection practices;
    • Informing you of technical measures taken to secure your personal data.

2. The Protection of Children and Assertion of a Code of Ethics for Content
It is important to respect the freedom of expression and the confidential nature of private messages. It is equally important to prevent the spread of unlawful material.

Vivendi actively supports the search to find the right balance, especially in favor of protecting children.

Concretely, Vivendi commits to:

    • Promoting techniques for choosing or controlling content (filtering systems and other selection methods);
    • Cooperating with competent authorities working against the spread of unlawful material.

3. The Respect of Intellectual Property
The quantity of information and content available on the Internet and the ease with which it can be circulated should not result in the violation of intellectual property rights.

Vivendi, depending on its activities, may implement appropriate technical and legal measures to protect these rights.

Concretely, Vivendi commits to:

    • Informing you of your rights when using legally protected content;
    • Promoting techniques to protect works and restrict the spread of pirated versions;
    • Working together to promote best practices in content protection.

4. The Promotion of Online Consumer Rights
When carrying out online operations and transactions, you should be protected by legal security comparable to that applicable to traditional transactions. Given the international nature of the Internet, Vivendi supports the development and application of codes of conduct to encourage market players to act responsibly.

Concretely, Vivendi commits to:

    • Supplying you with relevant information concerning online transactions;
    • Establishing online teams to answer consumer questions;
    • Promoting fair and prompt settlement of disputes.

5. The Security of Exchanges and Transactions
The need for confidence in the security of exchanges and transactions is an essential requirement expressed by Web users.
Vivendi is working to support the creation of an environment that will foster the confidence needed for the dynamic development of e-commerce.

Concretely, Vivendi commits to:

    • Using means, where necessary, to maintain the confidentiality of your exchanges and the security of your payments;
    • Identifying and using suitable techniques to create correct records of transactions;
    • Respecting applicable consumer protection legislation.

6. A Responsible Approach to Advertising Methods
As it gives Web users access to personalized information and services, the Internet has made it possible to develop new forms of advertising methods.

Vivendi, as part of its activities, supports the promotion and development of clear and truthful advertising.

Concretely, Vivendi commits to:

    • Working to avoid advertising practices that mislead children;
    • Respecting the requests of Web users who notify us that they do not wish to receive unsolicited advertising messages by e-mail;
    • Participating in the development and promotion of responsible advertising standards.

7. Building an Effective Dialogue

To better understand your expectations Vivendi commits to building a dialogue with individuals, associations, companies and institutions. This Charter will evolve to reflect the results of such dialogue.

Nous sommes intimement convaincus que le développement harmonieux, profitable et durable d'internet en général et du commerce électronique en particulier, passe par le respect de ces 7 principes qui doivent évoluer au fil du temps. C'est ainsi que nous préparons aujourd'hui les réussites de demain.

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