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During recent years, our perception and analysis of sustainable development issues has evolved in parallel to Vivendi’s transformation. The group has reported on this evolution in its annual Sustainable Development Reports. In the first edition of its report in 1999, the Group, then active in business sectors involving the environment, drew up an environmental report.

In the subsequent editions, Vivendi - which had begun developing its activities in the media and telecommunications sectors, in particular with the acquisition of assets overseas - broadened the scope of its Sustainable Development Report to include its environmental and social responsibility.

The report published in 2003 noted the serious financial difficulties the group had met with in 2002 and began an approach using the three pillars, economic, social, and environmental, to better evaluate the consequences of the large-scale programs of cost reduction and restructuring that were being implemented.

The Sustainable Development Report, published in 2004, marked a step in Vivendi’s recovery and a refocusing on two business sectors: media and telecommunications. It took into account the Group’s process of reflection wich began in 2003 to better understand the nature of specific issues such as those related to production and distribution of content: promotion of cultural diversity, knowledge sharing and contributing to raising the public’s awareness of sustainable development issues, and the protection of minors. The 2005 and 2006 reports go even further in the analysis of specific issues while integrating that analysis with a global approach to corporate social responsibility.



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Sustainable Development Report "Our Economic, Social, Societal
and Environmental Responsibility"


Sustainable Development Report "Our Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibility"

Sustainable Development Report "Our Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibility"

Sustainable Development Report "Our Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibility"

Vivendi Environmental and Social report

Vivendi Environmental and Social Report


Vivendi Environmental Report


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