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W3C Staff and Working Group participants are among the world's experts in Web technologies and their impacts. We will help put you in touch with these experts to answer questions on Web technologies, Web standards, and the way W3C does its work. The W3C Communications Team welcomes your questions and requests.

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News media, Analysts and Friends of W3C interested in receiving press releases, media advisories, social media and other news announcements may subscribe to various lists and feeds:

Interview Requests

W3C experts are pleased to be resources to news media and analysts and are happy to schedule interviews or briefings whenever possible, schedules permitting. Please send all requests to w3t-pr@w3.org. Be mindful that interview and briefing requests are currently reviewed in US Eastern timezone. Due to the nature of W3C's distributed global team, request for interviews with short lead times are challenging for us to accommodate.

Note: For w3t-pr@w3.org we moderate incoming mail.

Jeff Jaffe Interviews

As CEO of W3C, Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe is responsible for all of W3C's global operations, for maintaining the interests of all of W3C's stakeholders, and for sustaining a culture of cooperation and transparency, so that W3C continues to be the leading forum for the technical development and stewardship of the Web. Together with Tim Berners-Lee, staff, members and other public stakeholders, he develops and communicates the strategic vision and mission of W3C. He is regularly sought as a keynote speaker at international conferences and frequently conducts interviews with news media and analysts.

Tim Berners-Lee Interviews

Due to the volume of requests for Tim Berners-Lee, we cannot guarantee a prompt reply to your request. We will do our best to reply within a reasonable delay, but the delay may be many weeks.

Mr. Berners-Lee then selects the interviews he is most interested in pursuing, and which his schedule will permit. In your request, include your name, your publication, the purpose and format of the interview, the language in which it will be published, your deadline, and your contact information.

We also suggest that you read the Tim Berners-Lee FAQ, which may answer some of your questions.

Photo Requests

W3C has photos of its staff available to accompany appropriate articles. Should you wish to use a photo of a member of our staff, including Tim Berners-Lee, please complete our photo request form. You do not need an account to complete the form, but an email address is required.

Speaker Requests

If you wish for someone from W3C to speak at an event, please write to w3t-pr@w3.org unless the request is for Tim Berners-Lee. In that case, please see information about Tim Berners-Lee speaking engagements.


To reach a W3C media contact directly:

What Who Email Phone
W3C Media Relations Coordinator Amy van der Hiel w3t-pr@w3.org +1.617.253.5628 (US, Eastern Time)
Head of W3C Marketing & Communications Coralie Mercier w3t-pr@w3.org +33 7 81 07 95 22