Technology & Industry Sponsor

Support Specific Technical Activities

W3C has over 45 Working Groups driving the evolution of our Web Standards and over 15 Interest Groups focused on Use Cases and Requirements that are designed to be given to Working Groups to shape future evolution of our Standards. These groups are complemented by our recent implementation of Vertical Industry teams. These teams are providing leadership in the gathering of Industry Ecosystems so that we hear both the Technical and Business issues of a given Industry. The two programs below allow you to help us achieve success in these areas and give your organization marketing visibility on all of the activities associated with a given Technical Area. Contact Alan Bird <abird@w3.org>.

Vertical Industry Sponsor

This Sponsorship provides funding for the work associated with a specific Vertical Industry of which there are 6 today (Digital Publishing, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Web Payments, Digital Marketing and Automotive). The specific benefits are:

  • Your Logo on the Vertical Landing Page
  • Sponsorship of any Workshops and Working Group Meetings for the Vertical including TPAC
  • TPAC Sponsorship
  • Mention on any Public Relations activity about the Vertical
  • Maximum of 4 Sponsors per Vertical at any given time

Amount: 35K USD for Members, 45K USD for non-Members; annually

Technology Sponsor

This Sponsorship provides you the opportunity to support specific Technical Activities of W3C's work. Examples of this are the HTML Editor or Security Team Contact. The specific benefits are:

  • Your Logo on Major Topic Page that contains the Technical work that is being Sponsored
  • Mention on any Public Relations activity about the Technical Works
  • Up to 20% of the funds can be allocated to:
    • Sponsorship of Workshops and WG Meetings for the specified Technical Activity
    • TPAC Sponsorship

Amount: 100K USD annually, or as required for the specific Project