Palm webOS approach to HTML extensibility: x-mojo-*

I got pretty excited about the iPhone, and even more about the openness of Android and the G1, and then I learn that the Palm Pre developer platform is basically just the open web platform: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Just after the mobile buzz at Web Directions North and the TAG declared victory on how to build The Self-Describing Web with URI-based Extensibility , I get some details on how Palm is building on the open web platform:

A widget is declared within your HTML as an empty div with an x-mojo-element attribute.

<div x-mojo-element="ToggleButton" id="my-toggle"></div>

Oh great; x- tokens… aren’t those passe by now?

The suggestion in the HTML 5 draft is data-* attributes. The ARIA draft suggests @role. The Palm design looks like new information for issue-41, Decentralized-extensibility, in the HTML WG.

Anybody know how frozen the Palm design is? Or if they looked at ARIA, data-* or URI-based namespaces?

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  1. I have been taking my lessons on html. it has been so exciting that i have been teaching my self using your notes. thank you so much

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