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About WebReview.com

WebReview.com is the largest and longest-standing weekly site dedicated to Web professionals. Our stance is about Web teams—ensuring that each member of a team gets what he or she needs to do their jobs quickly, efficiently, and with the best information and skills available.

One of the unique aspects of WebReview.com is that it is written by Web professionals, for Web professionals. Our staff has decades of combined online skills, and our freelance writers are sometimes well-known industry leaders, and sometimes readers who have written in with a strong opinion about a given topic.

The bottom line? Real-world experience, and lots of it.


WebReview.com began in 1995 as a Songline/Pace production. Songline Studios, a then imprint of O'Reilly and Associates, brought the site into high regard and broad popularity in the years of its proprietorship. In late 1999, Songline sold the site to Miller Freeman, Inc., who also purchased CMP Media, Inc. WebReview.com is now part of CMP Media's Internet Technologies Division.

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