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WEB BUILDERS: Tired of hacks and versioning? Write valid markup and send 4.0 browser users to this page, or your own Browser Upgrades page. A Tips Page is available to assist you.



WEB USERS, the folks who built the site you were visiting have directed you to this page to improve your Web experience. Old browser versions are keeping the Web (and your experience) from being all it could be. Please consider upgrading to one of the following browsers, which make it easier for Web builders to be sure the sites you visit will work correctly. For the technically minded, each browser link is followed by a brief description:

  • IE5.5 for Windows delivers fine support for HTML 4, CSS-1, and other important W3C recommendations. Don't worry if you don't know what that means; the people who build your websites know. The browser is available free of charge.
  • IE5 Macintosh Edition provides superb support for these standards and an elegant user experience. The browser is available free of charge.
  • Netscape 6 complies with five important Web standards, including full support for XML and the DOM. These technologies can help Web builders create powerful sites that work well. The browser is available free of charge.
  • Opera 5 supports many key Web standards and a variety of computing platforms. Its lead designer was the chief author of the CSS-1 standard. The browser, which works well even on older PCs with limited power, is available free of charge.
  • Konqueror is a Unix/Linux browser designed to support standards.

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