Public engagement

Biomedical science is part of every day life. We want to encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to consider, question and debate the key issues of now and the future.

Our Engaging Science grants programme offers over £3 million per year to support projects that aim to inform and inspire the public about biomedical science and its social contexts.

Our funded activities also include directly commissioned work and partnerships with other organisations to reach broader audiences and support innovative practice.

We also run an annual competition in partnership with 'New Scientist', inviting postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers in science, engineering and technology to tell the world about their work.

Engaging Science highlights   See examples of recent projects funded by our Engaging Science grants programme.
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Provide funding of up to £30 000 to support activities such as events, debates, exhibitions, art projects and drama productions.
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Provide funding of over £30 000 to support projects that consider the issues raised by biomedical science and increase public awareness of its social and cultural contexts.
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Support and encourage imaginative and experimental arts projects that investigate biomedical science.
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Support the development of broadcast proposals in any genre that engages the audience with such issues around biomedical science in an innovative, entertaining and accessible way.
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Offer financial support for biomedical scientists to undertake a postgraduate qualification in Science Media Production at Imperial College London and to follow this with a six-month placement working in the broadcast industry.
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Support engagement with global health research.
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