We support many different kinds of research and activities with the ultimate aim of protecting and improving human and animal health. This support is not restricted to UK researchers - we devote significant funding to international research too.

Our funding areas
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Our biomedical science funding enables the investigation of health and disease in humans and animals. This includes funding for scientists, clinicians and veterinarians at different career stages.

Biomedical science
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Our technology transfer funding supports the development of innovative, early-stage projects with potential medical applications.

Technology transfer
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Our medical humanities funding supports research into biomedical ethics and the history of medicine.

Medical humanities
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Our capital funding is for large-scale construction or refurbishment projects in the UK that support science, public engagement, medical history, or the activities of learned societies.

Capital funding
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Our Strategic Awards provide flexible funding that adds value to excellent research groups.

Strategic awards

What we fund

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Who we fund

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Grants awarded

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The Grant System

In 2008 the Grant System will replace eGrants as the way to apply online for grants. Find out more about this upcoming system.

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