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News feed
Using RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) means that you don’t have to keep checking individual websites to see if they have been updated. Instead, you can subscribe to feeds from any site that supports RSS using a piece of software called a ‘news reader’, which then collects all the feeds in one place. The news reader will notify you of updates to those sites and allow you to view the most recent posts.

How to subscribe

To subscribe to a feed, you first need to download a news reader, unless you have one already integrated with your web browser. Links to some of the most popular news readers can be found below, many of which are completely free.

These operate in a number of different ways. For example, some will automatically find the available RSS feeds on a site and allow you to subscribe within the news reader itself and others will let you simply drag the address of the feed into the reader. Refer to the help section of your chosen reader for more information.

News readers:



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