Changes Made Recently

July 22, 2021

Added new information for 1990 Philmont Trek from Concho Valley Council

June 18, 2021

Updated Camp Sol Mayer showing 75th Anniversary Patch of Texas Southwest Council

June 16, 2021

Added 2019 and 2020 Silver Beavers for Texas Southwest Council

January 14, 2021

Added 2020 Eagle Scouts to Texas Southwest Council

October 27, 2020

Added names to photo of Troop 30 of Dublin at Camp Billy Gibbons

October 13, 2020

Added photo to 1977 Buffalo Trail National Jamboree Troop

October 8, 2020

Updated Fort McKavett Historical Trail
Updated Fort Concho Historical Trail Information

September 25, 2020

Added page of Troop 3 going to summer camp in 2012 at Camp Tonkawa of Texas Trails Council.

September 17, 2020

Added three photos to story of Comanche Trail Council Jamboree trip in 1969.
Added two new photos to the "new" Camp Billy Gibbons.
Added two new photos to the additional photos of the "new" Camp Billy Gibbons.

September 12, 2020

Add rare photos and story of 1935 flood at Old Camp Billy Gibbons
Add page of photos of Old Camp Billy Gibbons

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