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What Is Enlightenment?'s new live forum, Voices from the Edge, features individuals who challenge us to stretch beyond familiar modes of thinking in order to meet the overwhelming demands of our time. The way we create the future literally depends on the way we think about it. Through Voices from the Edge, we want to help create that future by trying to expand and deepen the context in which the leading edges of that thinking are taking place. It is our firm conviction that through the practice of sincere inquiry, of honest dialogue together, we can discover new perspectives that will enable all of us to make much greater sense of our shared human experience at this pivotal time in our development.

– Andrew Cohen, Editor-in-Chief

Voices from the Edge is exactly where voices of truth, empowerment, and transformation should be coming from—the edge between spirituality and culture, between the sacred and the political, and between our ordinariness and the extra-ordinary possibilities to which we all aspire.

—Jim Garrison, President, State of the
World Forum

Voices from the Edge is a pioneering forum where both presenters and participants are invited to peer beyond the edge of our current world crises and explore a new future of hope and possibility.

—Duane Elgin, Voluntary Simplicity, and
Promise Ahead

May 4
WIE managing editor Craig Hamilton “Unleashing the Power of Collective Intelligence,” Portland, OR more


May 11
Elisabet Sahtouris, “The Wisdom of Living Systems,” London UK more


May 15
Jessica Roemischer, “Spiral Dynamics,” Lenox, MA more


May 20
Jim Garrison, “America as Empire: Global Leader or Rogue Power,” London UK more


The Collective Intelligence Series:

May 19
WIE managing editor Craig Hamilton “Unleashing the Power of Collective Intelligence,” Cambridge, MA more


September 10, 11 Philosopher of Change, Yasuhiko Kimura, Cambridge, MA & Lenox, MA

Previous Voices from the
speakers include:

Dr. Don E. Beck
Dr. Amit Goswami
Jim Garrison
Jessica Roemischer
Duane Elgin

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