Woolmers Estate is owned by the Woolmers Foundation Inc. and is situated 7km from Longford in Northern Tasmania. Woolmers was continuously occupied by the Archer family from 1817 to 1994 and is acknowledged as one of the most outstanding examples of 19th century rural settlements in Australia. The site provides a rare insight into six generations of one family.
Building   Overlooking the Macquarie River and Western Tiers   Building
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1 Overlooking the Macquarie River and the Western Tiers Mountains
The unusual octagonal building was designed and built in 1841 for the draught horses to pump water up to the large storage tank on top of the store. A wooden windmill was installed around the turn of the century and is believed to be the last remaining of its type in Australia.
2 The Bakers Cottage
Built as the baker's residence, with a small dough preparation room alongside. It was one of many small cottages that housed assigned servants who had been transported for minor crimes. Now called Cookery Nook and used for guest accommodation.
3 The Store - Circa 1825
Held all food provisions brought out from England for the estate. Windows were barred for security and many items were stored for later use such as vinegar, salt, fabric, leather, etc.
4 The Servants Kitchen and Quarters - Circa 1847
House servants were accommodated here, rather than in the attic of the main house. Also contained the kitchen, larder, pantry, baking room and store rooms.
5 The Main House & Gardens
Has a beautiful collection of antique furnishings. House remains as it was when Thomas Archer VI died in 1994.
5a The Cellars
Located below the older part of the homestead. There are four rooms downstairs and extensive vaulted shelving introduced at a later stage.
6 The Coachouse & Stables - Circa 1843
Used for the coach horses and thorough bred riding horses. Included ventilators to allow air to circulate. Hay, chaff and other fodder was hoisted up to the top floor for storage.
7 The 1913 Wolseley Vintage Car
The car was purchased in 1913 by Thomas Archer 5th for his honeymoon, remains in original condition, winning many prizes at vintage car rallies. A small one cylinder child's car was also built, for Thomas Archer VI.
Estate Site Map
8 The Coachman's Cottage - Circa 1840s
Its high quality is a display of Thomas Archer's consideration for the comfort of the free workers who accommodated it in the 1840's.
9 The Chapel - Circa 1843
As part of their assignment, the assigned servants were required to have religious education here. The building was converted to an apple packing store in the 1940's.
10 Jacob Mount Garrett Cottage
Built in the 1820s, it was once the house of Dr Jacob Mount Garrett, the colony's first surgeon. Relocated to Woolmers around 1830, it was later converted to a timber saw shed.
11 The Wool Shed - Circa 1820s
Believed to be Australia's oldest wool shed and was the main focus of work at Woolmers as the property grew to 24000 acres and ran 50000 sheep. The sheep were washed in the river and then brought up to be blade shorn.
12 The Cider House - Circa 1840s
Built as an extension to the Wool Shed for the purpose of producing Apple Cider.
13 The Blacksmith's Shop - Circa 1822
Was used to forge and create metal goods such as cart-wheels, horse-shoes, and nails.
14 The Working Horse Stable
Includes the horse drawn orchard spray and other machinery used for working the soil.
15 The Free Workers Cottages - Circa 1840s
These cottages have recently been renovated and are now used for accommodation.
16 The National Rose Garden
This garden represents a journey through the evolution of the rose and as such, quite unique amongst many important rose gardens of the world. The garden will eventually display around 4,000 roses representing almost 450 rose names from all the recognised families.