Woolmers Estate
Woolmers Estate is situated near Longford Tasmania, Australia twenty-five minutes from Launceston. The Estate has outstanding cultural significance because it represents a continuous association with the Thomas Archer family, providing an encapsulated record of six generations, and the changes to their lifestyle, from the time the land was first settled in 1817 to the death of the last heir in 1994.
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Oak, Willow, Cherry Tree and Medlar Cottages

The four very recently restored free settlers cottages, Willow, Oak, Cherry Tree and Medlar have been made to appeal to groups of friends travelling together.
Similarly furnished, with new bathrooms and kitchens added to original sitting rooms and bedrooms, they are situated in blocks of two. Doors can be opened to connect each pair if desired.
These free settlers' cottages were built in pairs, possibly by convict labour, around the 1840s when the estate was at its most active, to provide simple accommodation for the estate workers. The cottages have stone foundations and were built from bricks made on the estate. Of the original six (3 duplexes) only five exist.
Prior to restoration in 2001, the cottages were in very poor condition. Besides poor structural condition, floors and timber work generally had rotted out, rising damp was a major problem and the buildings were vermin infested.
The upgraded work, which was completed in November 2001 and open to the public in December, included wind-bracing, installation of tension bars, damp coursing, new stair case, floors repaired or replaced, re-pointing of brickwork. In addition, the first floor of all cottages were lowered several brick levels to provide sufficient headroom in the first floor bedroom and weatherboard extensions were added to contain a kitchen and bathroom.
The single cottage was stablised structurally but not adapted for accommodation. This cottage will be used for interpretation.
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